Fun in the Sun (Freya's outfit)

Pattern: Lilly Skirt
Designer: Liola Patterns from The Printed Pattern Company
Fabric: 100% Cotton, from Stash
Time Taken: 4 Hours
Freya is 7 and wanted to try and sew something herself. After a lot of 'pattern shopping' she chose the Lilly Skirt from Liola Patterns. 
We cut it out together, Freya selected the version with pockets (good girl, you can never have enough pockets!) 
This was Freya's first project in full control of the sewing machine and the only part she really needed a little help with was the top stitching and trying to stitch in the ditch.
The instructions were nice and easy for her to follow and the illustrations helped her too. She is already planning the next one!
Pattern: Tank and Pants Pattern
Designer: Thread Faction Studio - From the Printed Pattern Company
Fabric: Cotton Jersey - Mibs Fabrics
Time Taken: 1 Hour
I sewed up this vest top to match Freya's skirt, its a great pattern for a simple summer vest top, it came together really quickly. The pants in the pattern will also be great for under skirts when its time to cartwheel!


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